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Buddha Shakyamuni,
the Awakened One


Tuscany – Thangka Weekend Course

The course is given in English and will be translated in Italian 

In this weekend course you will learn how to draw Buddha Shakyamuni according to traditional Tibetan thangka scroll paintings.
The practice of Buddha Shakyamuni (the ‘Enlightened One’ or ‘Awakened One’) helps you purify negativities of body, speech and mind, which is essential if you want to make progress on the spiritual path.

In this weekend you will learn through a combination of slideshows, lectures and meditations about the history and cultural/religious context of Tibetan thangka paintings, and of the symbolism found in the Tibetan art itself. There will also be a detailed explanation of Buddha Shakyamuni’s mantra.

The practical element of drawing in the course is like a meditation in itself, and creates a lot of joy.
If you are a Buddhist practitioner, drawing the Buddha image significantly improves visualization in your meditations.

The course will be given in English (with Italian translation) and is suitable for everyone, including beginners with no drawing experience whatsoever! Beginners will first draw a Buddha Face before moving on to drawing the complete figure.

If you have drawn Buddha Shakyamuni in a previous course with Carmen you can also choose to draw Medicine Buddha instead. If you want this, please contact Carmen beforehand it so she can prepare this for you.


Testimonials & student artwork can be found here

More Info & Registration
For more information, cost and venue please check out the following:

Dates, time, price

Fri 18 – Sun 20 Nov, 2016

17.00 Arriving and checking in in your room
19.30 Evening dinner with the group
After that will be the introduction, slideshow & talk about the subject

Course full day

Course till 17.00

Course fee:
Price Early bird: € 185 when registering before Oct 8
Regular Price: € 205 (after Oct 8)

full Board, vegetarian diet and the primary use of organic and local food. Snacks, fruits, tea and coffee are available to participants during the day. Table wine is included during the dinner. Linens are provided. Towels can be rented on site at a charge of € 5 per set per person.

Please register before Oct 8.

Materials to bring
  • 2 pieces of thick drawing paper size 50x65cm
  • ruler 40-50cm
  • pencil HB (a mechanical pencil if possible)
  • an eraser

Optional: colored pencils

Casale Pundarika
Località Cordazingoli 18
56046 Riparbella
Pisa, Italy

Please register with Pundarika a.s.a.p. (€20 discount when registering before 8 oct.!) to avoid disappointment, as the course may be full or the rooms of your desire may be taken.

Send an email to Pundarika: (in Italian, English or German), or call Daniela at (+39) 3779854016 (in Italian, English or German), or Giambattista at (+39) 3479543057 (in Italian, English, Spanish or French)

Italian announcement on Pundarika’s page: