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NYC – Evening workshop

Drawing the Face of the Buddha


During this evening workshop at the Shantideva Center you will learn how to draw the Face of the Buddha according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Before the drawing session, this workshop starts with a short meditation and a short lecture to learn more about the backgrounds and symbolism of Tibetan thangkas.

To draw the Buddha Face we will work with the original grid-patterns (that contain the right proportions), which serve as a helpful tool to draw the Buddha.

During the drawing session there is a lot of individual guidance by Carmen. At the end of the workshop you will return home with a beautiful, self drawn Buddha.

Drawing experience is not necessary!

The Buddha Face workshop traditionally also offers you the basic introduction for thangka courses that offer a complete Buddha, such as White Tara (the female Buddha of Longevity), or Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche, the Second Buddha), courses that are also offered during Carmen Mensink’s NYC thangka tour 2019.

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More Info & Registration

Schedule & cost

thangka-art-group-new-yorkMay ?, 2019

Workshop fee: $ to be announced

Materials to bring
  • At least 1 sheet of drawing paper, minimum size 8,5×11″
  • HB pencil (or a refillable lead pencil)
  • a long ruler (preferably 18-inch and with both inches and cm)
  • an eraser
Shantideva Center
432 6th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

(917) 909-0410