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Robina Courtin visiting The Netherlands


Venerable Robina Courtin finally came to The Netherlands to teach!

I’ve been a big fan of this inspiring Australian nun and her work for many years and during the weekend course she gave at Maitreya Institute (Loenen, The Netherlands), I was asked to be the course coordinator and Ven. Robina’s personal assistant. I was also asked to lead the meditations in the morning by the special instructions of Robina.

robina-courtin-teachingRobina Courtin brings the Buddhist Dharma (teachings of the Buddha) refreshingly straight-forward – don’t be afraid to get shocked!- but she always brings it with a lot of humor.  She is the founder of the Liberation Prison Project and worked there until 2009. In this project, inmates who are interested in Buddhism are guided on their spiritual path, both in and after prison, with wonderful results.

Besides the teachings she offered this month at the Maitreya Institute, Robina gave lectures to students at the VU University in Amsterdam, who want to become spiritual counselor in prisons. She also spent a day visiting the penitentiary in Zutphen to talk to the prisoners.

If you would like to listen to Ven. Robina’s teachings you can look her up on Youtube. She will probably be back in The Netherlands in 2017, but as she travels the world you can check out the teaching schedule on her website (see below).


Robina Courtin

Ven. Robina was ordained in the late 1970s, and since then has worked full time since then for the FPMT, founded by Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche. She has served over the years as editorial director of Wisdom Publications, editor of Mandala Magazine, executive director of Liberation Prison Project, and currently as a touring teacher of Buddhism. Her life and work with prisoners have been documented in the films Chasing Buddha and Key to Freedom. To read more go to robinacourtin.com

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