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Create a Tibetan Amulet

NYC – Rubin Museum of Art – evening workshop

Evening class with artist Carmen Mensink, who returns to the Rubin Museum to lead an Tibetan Buddhist amulet-making workshop inspired by the 2016 exhibition ‘Nepalese Seasons: Rain and Ritual.’

This evening you will learn about the beauty and wonder of Nepal’s seasonal rituals and how their themes, such as abundance and compassion, are relevant in our own lives.

You will make one amulet focusing either on Vasudhara, the Buddhist goddess of Abundance and Wealth, honored in Nepal before planting, or Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, invoked to encourage monsoon rains that nourish the earth and open the heart.
All materials are included.


“I was blessed to participate in Carmen Mensink’s Amulet workshop at NYC’s Rubin Museum of Art. Ms Mensink is an excellent instructor: knowledgeable, thoughtful, and mindful of her students’ abilities. Not only did we learn about the role of amulets in tibetan life and spiritual practice, but we also had the chance to craft an amulet for our own protection…mine now is displayed near a tibetan hanging of the eight auspicious symbols over the arch to my living room. I hope to have another chance to enjoy ms. Mensink’s teaching.

Marcie S. Gitlin
Tibetan Amulet Class, Rubin Museum of Art, New York City, USA

“Carmen’s professionalism and visual arts acumen make her the consummate educator that she is. It was a joy and honor to become her student. As a result of what she taught me, I am inspired to practice, apply and hone the lessons our classes learned. It was instructive to become more aware of Eastern Art History and its rich legacy of beauty and spiritual content.

I’m so pleased to have been blessed with the artistic and personal opportunity to have studied with the gifted and gracious artist Carmen Mensink. I will encourage all of my colleagues and students to take her courses. I look forward to enrolling in additional courses when she returns to instruct in the New York Metropolitan area!

Many thank yous for this enriching art making experience. I received positive feedback, superb instruction and ongoing encouragement in order to acquire hands-on knowledge about these ancient aestethics, materials and skills.”

Amy Sue McPartlan, New York, USA
Amulet Class & thangka courses at the Rubin Museum of Art, Thangka Retreat at the Omega Institute

“Carmen Mensink is very knowledgable as if it were second nature to her. She explained the history behind thangka painting, took us in the gallery of the museum and explained the intricacy of the exhibits.

Carmen taught us that this class was not just about art, it is a combination of different aspects of Buddhism, respect for the lineage, awareness of living beings around you, and including meditation and mantras.

I believe this is the absolute correct way to teach a class such as this.”

Testimonial on an anonimous survey that the Rubin Museum sent out after class
Participant at a Thangka Painting course over 2 consecutive weekends at the Rubin Museum of Art, New York City, USA
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Date: Wed July 20, 2016 from 6-9pm

This class has been offered already.
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