Italy / Arco / June 29-July 8, 2018 / Green Tara & 21 Taras Thangka Painting Retreat

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A special 10 day Thangka Painting Retreat!

Green Tara & the 21 Taras

Annual drawing and painting retreat in Northern Italy, close to beautiful Verona and the Garda Lake


In this long painting course, you will learn how to draw or paint Buddhas according to the tradition of the Tibetan Buddhist Thangka (scroll paintings). 

An international group of people comes together for this special thangka painting retreat, where you really can go in-depth. the course includes starting with a meditation in the morning and lectures & slides about the iconography and symbolism in Tibetan Buddhism. You will also have time to fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this place and their delicious Italian cuisine (vegetarian). The vegetables are produced organically on the compound.
Halfway during the retreat there will be an afternoon off so you can taste the best ice cream in the nearest village of Arco, visit the Garda lake, hike in the mountains or have a great walk to ‘Castello’, the medieval castle on top of the hill overlooking Arco.

Green Tara & the 21 Taras
The fearless, female Buddha of Active Compassion 

In this long thangka course you will learn to draw and/or paint Green Tara according to the Tibetan thangka tradition.

This retreat is suitable for beginners, half-experienced and experienced students:

• Beginners and half-experienced will learn to draw Green Tara, as well as color or paint her after that. Total beginners will start learning how to draw a Buddha face (always the basis), before moving on to Green Tara. After the drawing you can choose to color her and learn the color pencil techniques (advisable for total beginners and people who want to return home with a finished artwork), or make a start to paint her with the thangka painting techniques.

• More experienced students can choose to draw Green Tara and the 21 Taras in this retreat (and hopefully make a start coloring or painting it).
If you have drawn a Green Tara at Carmen’s classes before you can choose to transfer the drawing onto a canvas and start painting her. If you choose The 21 Taras as subject please contact Carmen before the retreat, so she can prepare this for you.

• This retreat can also be used to continue/finish other thangka artwork that you’ve been working on. Of course you will receive the grids of the subject of this retreat, to start in the future.

Besides the drawing/painting sessions in this course you will learn through lectures & slideshows all about Green Tara and her symbolism, her mantra and meaning, as well as practicing her meditations.

Manifestation of Active Compassion
Green Tara is the most famous female Buddha in the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon. She is also known as ‘Mother of all Buddhas’ and is seen as the female manifestation of Active Compassion.

Tara’s right foot stretched out so that she can come to the help of others when needed, immediately. There are numerous stories of people who were rescued in times of need, and were freed from their fears after they called upon Green Tara and/or recited her mantra.

Tara is often seen as one of the first emancipated woman as well.
The story goes that as a young girl she was very devoted to the dharma and the Buddha. She recited prayers for many hours each day and offered extensive offerings to the Buddhas.
But when other -male- practitioners saw her enormous capacity they told her that all these prayers, mantras and offerings were completely useless, unless she would pray to be reborn in a male body in her next incarnation, as they said that only in a male body it was possible to reach enlightenment.
But green Tara had the deep insight that”male” and “female” are nothing more than labels that we put on things, and therefore -to show them that this wasn’t true- she took the following strong vow: ‘Until Samsara is empty, I will work for the benefit of all sentient things in a woman’s body.’ This is exactly what she did and she became one of the first women to reach enlightenment (the highest state of consciousness).

Green Tara has become a great role model for both women and men.

You don’t need any drawing or painting experience.
Carmen offers a lot of individual guidance, at your own level.

English and Italian
The teachings are given in English, and when there are a lot of Italians they will also be translated in Italian by one of the advanced Italian students.

Advantages of a long thangka retreat:

  • In this 10-day painting course you can really go in-depth
  • Including all nights and delicious Italian meals, with organic vegetables from own compound, freshly prepared every day with love
  • Meet students from different countries and make new friends
  • The course is set in Kushi Ling, the most beautiful Buddhist Centre of Italy, amidst the mountains and olive trees
  • You can fly cheaply to Verona or Milan
  • Great possibility to combine this retreat with vacation in Italy (e.g. to Lake Garda and Verona that are nearby)

Want to travel together with other participants?
From Amsterdam a few people travel with Transavia to Verona in the early morning, you are welcome to join.
It’s also possible to meet up in Veronato travel the last part to Kushi Ling together (with public transport/taxi). If you want to join please contact Carmen about it.



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