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Thangka course in beautiful Venice

Padmasambhava (Tib.: Guru Rinpoche)
The Lotus-Born

From Thu Oct 26 to Sun Oct 29, 2017

The course is given in English and will be professionally translated in Italian

…Come join us to create beautiful art in the most beautiful city in the world!

In this course at a typical Venetian Palace on a canal in Venice’s historical center, you will learn how to draw a beautiful Buddha according to the tradition of Tibetan Buddhist thangkas (Tibetan scroll paintings).

Carmen Mensink will guide students through the cultural/historical context of thangka’s and symbolism within Tibetan-Buddhist art through the combination of art, slide shows and meditations.
There will also be a detailed explanation of the mantra of the Buddha.

Drawing a Buddha is a meditation in itself and creates inner peace and joy. When you’re a Buddhist practitioner, the drawing of the Buddha can improve your visualization meditation on a great scale. Buddhist lamas say: “When you draw a Buddha, you are drawing your own mind.”

This weekend is suitable for beginners and advanced. It is not necessary to have drawing experience.
Beginners will first draw a Buddha Face before moving on to drawing the complete figure.

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