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Upcoming Buddhist Art Courses in Italy:
Click on the button for all information and prices, and check out the video of the annual thangka painting retreat in Italy:

Thangka painting retreat in Italy with Carmen Mensink

Video of a Thangka Retreat

Thangka Painting Retreats A short video...
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Types of Classes in Italy:
Overview of the different kinds of Buddhist Art Courses that are offered in Italy.

(Extended) Weekend Courses
Painting Retreats

Private Teachings

Pictures of Thangka Classes
After a thangka course, Carmen posts pictures of it on her FaceBook Page. You can also check her Instagram page for pictures.

Testimonials from people who have joined the thangka courses in Italy:

“The impossible became possible.

I feel gratitude to the great harmony en serenity that I experienced in the classroom and throughout the stay; gratitude to the kindness and great professionalism of Carmen; gratitude to the wonderful nature around us… the hours flew by, and step by step, despite my initial fears en insecurities (I can’t draw!), on my paper something amazing materialized, as well as in my heart.

I hope I can soon relive the experience, and like all things that are true and deep there’s not much to understand but simply to try!!”

Elena A., Genova, Italy
Weekend Courses in Venice & the Thangka Painting Retreat Weeks in Northern Italy

“Hello everybody, I’m not a drawer and I don’t have previous drawing experiences, but working with Carmen is more involved with meditation than drawing. The result is something unexpected and beautiful, in its deepest meaning.”

Giorgio Cotto, Bologna, Italy
Weekend courses in Venice and Bologna, and the Thangka Painting Retreats in Northern Italy

I feel this work as a very complete and clear meditation where we can observe the mind, the sight (seeing) and our hand (as expression). And the connection between them.

It was a very good experience, that I recommend very much.”

Maria José Moura, Porto, Portugal
Annual Thangka Painting Retreat in Northern Italy

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