Thangka Courses & Tibetan Art Workshops

An overview of the upcoming thangka workshops. Click on the image or title to view all items per category.

Where can I go for thangka classes?

The Tibetan Art classes are held in different countries and continents. Here’s an overview of the places where Carmen Mensink teaches: the places in bold are regular (one or more times a year), the others are irregular:

  • Europe: Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Hungary
  • USA: New York City, Upstate NY, California, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington DC
  • Asia: Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia

Courses with different lengths & subjects

The classes are offered are different in subject, style and length, here you can read more about the different kinds of thangka workshops.

Tibetan Art Workshops – general info:

This art is part of the Tibetan-Buddhist tradition. A thangka drawing or painting workshop always comes with a (short) meditation on the subject, as well as slide show & lecture(s) about the meanings and symbolism behind it.
Most classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced.

Related Buddhist artforms

Carmen not only offers thangka drawing and painting courses, but is also asked to offer workshops in related artforms such as Tibetan Buddhist Amulet making and Tibetan Mask making.

Newsletters for different countries

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“Drawing the Buddha in such a special way touched me very deeply.
“You are doing such special work. Thank you again for the way in which you are guiding me.”
“I Moved to a Higher Level.”
“Profound impact on visualization meditation.”
“Wonderful presentation of dharma.”
“Wonderful tradition being passed on in time. An honor to participate.”
“Opened me to possibilities through Buddhism and actually was able to create meaningful art.” 
“Carmen was an engaging and knowledgeable teacher.”
“Carmen is both a talented teacher and artist.”
“Love this subject. Love the feeling and sensitivity to the lines and form.”
“Clear & simple with the indepth essence of a profound meditation!”
“Carmen is a spiritual gift, and she is brilliant, noble, kind & clear. Her teaching is done with clarity and kindness.”
“A great introduction to Buddhism + Tibetan Art. Lots of fun!!! Carmen is a warm + knowledgable teacher!”
“It has really deepened my practice and appreciation for Tibetan art, in a way that reading a book on the subject never has.”
“Loved the integration of dharma and art. When I look at a Thangka now, I understand at a deep level what is being communicated.