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In het feestelijke 100e nummer van Happinez Magazine kun je bij mij een privé-thangka workshop winnen voor 2x 2 personen, inclusief koffie, thee, uitgebreide lunch en alle materiaal:

Miroirs de l’âme

Interview with Carmen Mensink in the French edition of Happinez Magazine, Le Premier Mindstyle Magazine, click on the picture to read the interview:
“Pour les bouddhistes, une répresentation d’un bouddha n’est pas qu’une simple image, c’est une énergie vivante”

The very first Buddhist Art Course in Sri Lanka!

Read all about this wonderful recent trip with Ven. Banthe and Carmen Mensink

Scroll paintings of Buddhas & Mandalas in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition

This site shows Carmen Mensink’s Thangka Paintings and the Thangka Drawing & Painting Courses that she offers in many different countries – most of them are also suitable for people with no drawing or painting skills whatsoever.

Carmen can also be commissioned to paint a thangka of your choice, or to let her gild & paint your Buddha statues, according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. In the Thangka Shop you can find presents for yourself and others.

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Carmen explains her passion for Thangka Painting in this short video (in Dutch) made by Happinez Magazine. Check also the article about Carmen and her artwork in Happinez Magazine.

Mandala of the Buddha of Compassion. Click on the image for info.

Buddha ColoringTibetan Buddhist Art

In Tibet, the painting of thangkas was an important and highly developed means of expression through which the entire Buddhist philosophy could be explained. And it still has this function: thangkas are used in temples & monasteries and are hung above the altars to support the Buddhist meditation and practice.
The Chinese invasion in Tibet in the 1950’s and the destruction of a lot of old Tibetan traditions and monasteries makes it even more important to keep this beautiful tradition alive and pure.

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Classes & Courses


Carmen Mensink offers workshops in Tibetan Buddhist Art in Europe, United States and Asia.

Most courses are for both beginners and advanced, and all courses come with a guided meditation, slide shows and talks on the symbolism of the subject (a Tibetan Buddha, Mandala or Symbol), and a lot of individual guidance.

Carmen offers day classes and weekend courses in Buddha drawing, as well as in-depth thangka painting retreats that last a week or longer.

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Private Workshops


She also offers individual teachings on thangka drawing and painting, for those who rather work one on one with a teacher instead of being in a group. There’s a lot of guidance and a lot of time to answer your questions.
Private classes can be taken by the more advanced students as well as the ones who have never even touched a pencil in their life (and will be surprised about their hidden talents!)


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Art & Testimonials

Carmen passes on the Art of Tibetan Thangka to her students with a lot of joy and dedication. She inspires them to reach their full potential in art and at the same time inspires them to go inside, meditate and check their mind and work on its potential, according to the Buddhist philosophy – which is inseparable from Buddhist Art.

It doesn’t matter if people have drawing and painting experience or not, most important is the joy they experience during the courses and what’s going on inside themselves – which undoubtedly will be expressed in their artwork.

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“Drawing the Buddha in such a special way touched me very deeply.
“You are doing such special work. Thank you again for the way in which you are guiding me.”
“I Moved to a Higher Level.”
“Profound impact on visualization meditation.”
“Wonderful presentation of dharma.”
“Wonderful tradition being passed on in time. An honor to participate.”
“Opened me to possibilities through Buddhism and actually was able to create meaningful art.” 
“Carmen was an engaging and knowledgeable teacher.”
“Carmen is both a talented teacher and artist.”
“Love this subject. Love the feeling and sensitivity to the lines and form.”
“Clear & simple with the indepth essence of a profound meditation!”
“Carmen is a spiritual gift, and she is brilliant, noble, kind & clear. Her teaching is done with clarity and kindness.”
“A great introduction to Buddhism + Tibetan Art. Lots of fun!!! Carmen is a warm + knowledgable teacher!”
“It has really deepened my practice and appreciation for Tibetan art, in a way that reading a book on the subject never has.”
“Loved the integration of dharma and art. When I look at a Thangka now, I understand at a deep level what is being communicated.

What else can I find on this website?
Besides the artwork in the form of Thangka Paintings of Buddhas and Mandalas, Thangka Drawings and other artwork by Carmen Mensink such as painting Mantras on Mani Stones, you can find so much more on this website, such as:

Tibetan Buddhist Mandalas
Lectures and Articles on Tibetan Buddhist Art
Buddha Statue Painting & Gilding
More explanation on Buddhist Art & Philosophy
Large paintings for the Dalai Lama, Festivals & and Events

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